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Street Photography

Street photography is an art of capturing candid shots of everyday life, culture, society and anything you see publicly. Street photography doesn’t have a very strict rule of sticking to capture life on the streets; it involves anything that is a part of the society because a real street photographer knows how important it is to capture honest shots. For real candid shots you need to click the photographs by catching the subject off guard or without them having a clue of being photographed. With this, you can capture the unpretentious emotions of daily life. There are no rigid rules [...]

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New Methods Of Photography

With advancement in technology, new techniques are always available for photographers to learn, practice and apply in their shoots. These new techniques can be taken out from existent equipment while new equipment is entering the market every now and then. Capturing the moon One of the most technical photography is capturing the moon particularly if you are new to your passion towards photography. In fact, every one of us has tried capturing the beauty of a full moon into our cameras but most of us have failed to shoot its dynamic beauty. It might not be a very latest form [...]

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Choosing the Proper Lighting for Better Pictures

Even if you have all the new technology and equipment for professional shoots, you cannot take beautiful pictures without proper lighting. Proper lighting techniques need to be adopted regardless of what level of photography you are at. Thanks to the experienced professionals, you have a lot of options to enhance the lighting in your photography. Whether you are working in low light, studio or any kind of fixture lights few tricks can really get your pictures an upbeat look. The most basic form of lighting used for capturing photographs is the camera flash. Basically, there are two types of flash. [...]

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Capturing Special Moments with the Art of Photography

Real photography is an art, while the photographer possesses the vision like that of an artist. Our lives are full of artistic moments that when perfectly captured are reserved forever. To be able to view candid moments as an art is the initial step to be followed for successfully capturing the exact emotions in them. So much so that by watching those captured photographs years later, we not only can revisit the experience but also revive the emotion we felt back then. The art of photography is a power to capture people, places and moments when they are busy being [...]

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Why Fine Art Wedding Photography Matters?

Wedding photography is said to be one of the aridest forms of photography, which is why it is believed that not everyone can do it without being technical. It seems to lack intrinsic factor and is said to be a bit commercial type of photography. All that a wedding event requires is a few candid shots of the bride and the groom, family and friends and there you have it, a compilation of your wedding day pictures for the rest of your life. Any real photographer knows that capturing shots needs the vision to be able to view the pictures [...]

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